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barbara duell

Thank you for visiting. Please make yourself comfortable as you look around my website. I invite you to share all the exciting adventures and places I’ve visited this year- Iceland, Norway, Scotland and England, each venue documented in my journals.

Travel, for me, is like frosting on a sweet cake. it’s best not to overdue. I’ve learned how to pack, pace myself and store my memories of exciting times in a safe place to be brought out at a quiet time and replayed.

To hold a book, to read the back cover and peek inside, is like an appetizer, an enticement that stimulates our desire for more. And I have always wanted more. My life has been surrounded by books, both as a voracious reader and as a writer. I sought to learn as I gave way to dreams that allowed me to travel beyond reality.

There is no rhyme or reason, no theme for the words that find their way into my books, except love. And so I write about life and love, that indescribably wonderful feeling that only love can convey. Stories that tell of new beginnings, relationships that need care, tales where lust rules the happy hour, but only love can bring a happy ending. I write about the love of a child, our parents, nature, love between a man and a woman. Stories filled with laughter and tears, tantrums and reason, and lately, stories that open our eyes to the needs of others.

I am working hard, and I am pleased to announce that my new book, A PLACE BY THE BAY, was launched in August 2021, and I am deep into research for two new novels due out next year.

You’re always welcome. These are exciting times, and I ask you to join me, to let go and open your mind and just imagine as you journey with me to another place.

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