Beyond Love

beyond love cover

He’d only planned to run away from home, but after eight-year-old David Hampton is almost run over by a car in downtown Sausalito and rescued by a beautiful lady with a man’s name, his plans change. All he’s ever wanted was a Mom and decides Michael McCall is the Mom he wants. All he has to do is convince his dad, and maybe Ms. McCall.

It should be easy, but unlike stories with happy endings, this is not a fairytale; this is real. When Professor Michael McCall and Dr. Richard Hampton meet, the sparks from their first encounter ignite into an instant desire so powerful it rivals the intensity of the fire that nearly destroyed the city across the bay. Their path to happy-ever-after will demand that they travel beyond their lust and the heat of their passion — a journey steeped with pain, a constant reminder of love given and lost — a journey where the past must be put away, freeing them to find the courage to reach BEYOND LOVE.

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