Come Hear the Whisper of Time

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Come Hear the Whisper of Time is a collection of tales, part Fact, Fiction, and Fantasy. Some of the stories that have gathered dust over time are of the First People, snippets I have heard all my life, and thoughts that would not stay locked away, memories of my sons coming of age, of my mom and dad; the rest, novellas from my overactive imagination.

Whisper of Time became my lifeline, a thin thread that kept me from the edge of madness after the loss of my sons, and this gathering of words will ask that you open your mind and just imagine as you travel to another dimension, a premise requiring trust and faith. The cost for this trip is simple: To reach out to help others. To smile and laugh and value the sunlight, refusing to give way to the dark times that seeks to block our way; to offer a safe resting place for those who struggle as I have.

I am at peace when I follow the ways of those who gave me life. It is from their tradition and courage, and their love of all the Great Spirit has loaned to us that allows me to give thanks, each day, for I am so blessed. So I reach out to you from within my soul, hoping to find refuge, a safe place to share what has gathered within me from the beginning.

I invite you to join me on this new adventure.

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