Glorious Space

poppy flower

I still have not found the key to that glorious space called sleep. I am closer I think. For a start, I have cast off garments I realized I did not need. I try not to worry as much, nor bother to see too far into the future, put aside thoughts that I had to take care of the world. Yes, this past year has been better.

Actually, I am extremely healthy and, although I have faced a few painful bumps along this journey I laughingly call my life, I continue to do well, almost. But one cannot continue to face each day and the world without sleep, and this is a gift I have not been able to enjoy for almost a year.

Without rest, I bash against the fabled stone wall, my interest and dreams wander off on the road called confusion, where people talk too much, and say nothing worthwhile, and only add to the blur, even as my inner sense whispers for me to find reason again. And I do.

I reach out for the Newness, go to meet life as the darkness fades, flowers dare to send their tiny blossoms up above the winter soil to dance in the gentle wind, and the joyful songs of the Spirits fill the space we share. It is almost Spring, and her name is Rebirth.

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