There is a saying that life is stranger than fiction. Probably true, but both run the same track, and each can cause as much joy or misery as the other. When writing fiction, my characters do not always do what I want them to do. They have a tendency to go off half-cocked causing me to re-think my original thoughts, creating a lot of backtracking. Okay, I mean, what do I know about relationships? 

I think one of the most frustrating issues relating to a new relationship, be it fiction or real life, is communication. It does not matter if it’s in the classroom, workplace, boardroom, a walk in the park, a project or a new romance. Lots to think about.

Just for fun, let’s talk romance. A lot of thought and data has been acquired to help the novice or the one who keeps looking, toward the road to paradise.

I found, just to name a few, that there are fifteen emotional stages and a lot of do’s and don’ts. Also, ten golden rules, eight basic rules, seven thoughts to remember. Even the Huffington Post offers four tips to getting it right.

Ah, but just waiting to pop up their ugly heads are hurt feelings, misunderstandings, misconception of words and actions. Heavy stuff!

It has been said a new relationship has a lot in common with the plants in your garden. Wow! Black thumb here. But to be specific: Give it time. Give it space. Feed it well. Don’t over water. Pull the weeds before they take over, etc., etc., etc.…….

Oh, groan. Right now, research is taking most of my time, and it is so easy to get lost and not move on to the writing. Sometimes I compare the beginning of a new book to the weeks right before childbirth. You sit and ponder the premise of having prepared well, your ideas, and story line.

You ask yourself if you are capable, equipped with all the items this new life is going to need. Again, on it goes. Ah, the questions!

Fiction or life? The parallels are remarkable, scary, actually but, if given a choice, I think I’ll take diving into writing a new book any day to the supposed trauma of starting a new relationship.

And with both, although you try to get it right, and you really do want to get it right, the Google page usually defaults to:

Sorry, something went wrong. Try again later.

Don’t think so. Maybe? Probably, sure.

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