The Legend of the Eagle Feather

the legend of the eagle feather cover

Released in September 2015, this is the first chapter book in the upcoming Best Friends Series for young readers by author, Barbara J Duell. For young readers.

Long ago, while flying high above the earth, Father Shy heard the spirits call him to a special place in the mountains. He rested in the valley and before leaving, cut a path through the darkness, a path leading to an Enchanted Pool.

So begins the story of Button, a boy whose broken body and spirit leads him down Father Sky’s path on a great adventure. It promised to change him forever, but first he must conquer his fear, overcome the doubt of others, fight for courage, and believe in the impossible.

The Legend of the Eagle Feather is a story of courage. Many times in our lives we will find ourselves walking down a road we have not chosen, carrying burdens we do not want.

Life is not always fair, but when we reach deep within ourselves and bring forth the courage to face fear, to triumph over adversity, we rise above what is not fair and stand tall among all men.

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