Together once more

ocean sunset

If we relax, breathe deeply and not try too hard, life wraps around us and fills our soul with joy beyond description.

A few years ago, I spent a week with my family by the ocean. There is magic to be found at the sea. Late one night, lulled by the music of the waves, I gazed beyond forever and reached high, there, on my shelf of reminiscence, and relived the wondrous memories of our family, of adventures spent on our sailboat, the Impatient.

Yes, such a glorious time, a time when we were all together before the letters of destiny arrived and rearranged our lives.

But unlike our footprints in the sand, so real for a while until the tides of the universe rush in and erase all evidence that we have traveled this way, our memories remain forever, magnified by a love that will never die nor be forgotten. How blessed we are. 

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